Customer Service Commitment

   To guaranteed customer satisfaction it is critical that we follow our core values:

   - We will treat the customer with respect.
   - We will communicate with our customer clearly and honestly.
   - We will be fair, equitable and consistent in how we treat our customers.
   - We promise we will deliver and deliver what we promise.
   - We will be proactive in all situations and be very flexible.
   - We will take ownership of any problem a customer has until it's resolved.
   - We will provide material to educate our customers in our capabilities,
      services and equipment.
   - We will always accept constructive feedback from our customers.

   By guaranteeing customer satisfaction we ensure our customers
   that they are being taken care of and will be treated with respect.

 Transtech Transmissions offers the most reliable transmission
  rebuilds in the Sacramento Valley. With new hard and soft parts
  every transmission is guaranteed to last years if maintained
  and serviced.

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  8101 Elder Creek Unit K
  Sacramento, CA 95824


  Map & Directions

Accepted Payment Type

  will accept all major credit cards.   We honor Visa, MasterCard,   American Express and Discover.

  We also accept personal checks
  with proper authorization.

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All Trucks & Cars • Foreign & Domestic • 1 Year 12,000 Mile Warranty on most vehicles • Free Computer Scan & Diagnosis • Estimates By Phone


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